Setup Considerations

I often get asked whether it is possible to set up my installation at a specific location or event. If you are interested, you can inform yourself about the “technical requirements” here. If something cannot be arranged as described here, there is often a way to make things work anyway, so don’t hesitate to write me an email if in doubt.

Below you can see a sketch of a typical setup.


The most important consideration planning an interactive video installation setup is its relationship to the audience and surrounding.

The amount of people passing by and their attention span is critical. When installed at a location where people pass by once in a while anyway, visitors can discover the interactive effect independently, adding an additional element of surprise. In more quiet (waiting) area, the installation can be a welcome distraction even for those that do not participate actively. At place that is too crowded (>5 people in the image most of the time) those that would like to explore the reactions of the installation more deeply will not find the tranquility to do so.

The projected image blends best into a location if its boundaries correspond to some natural features of the room. An isolated rectangular image on a wall can look very technical. The software I wrote allows to align the edges of the projected image with existing features within the area covered by the data projector.

For the image to be sufficiently wide, there needs to be enough space in front of the wall. Standard lens projectors need a distance of 2x the width of the image.

Tracking and Illumination

In order to detect people in front of the projection surface, the software compares images captured by an infrared sensitive camera to a reference image without people on it.This will not work if the level of infrared light in the room is changing quickly and uncontrolled or there is direct sunlight on the projection surface.

A good contrast is attained by illuminating the projection surface with infrared light while sparing the people in front of it. For this purpose, a bar with infrared illuminators is placed approximately 1m above the projection surface. Illuminators are provided by me, but there must be a way to mount them as shown in the sketch above.


If the installation is to be put outside or left unattended, the technical equipment needs a case for weather and theft protection. It’s too big for travel on trains and planes, so you have to provide one at your site if you want me to travel.

For my standard setup with my own 3500 ANSI Lumen DLP projector, the case has to have a volume of at least 60x60x60cm with a front side made of acrylic glass. Sufficient ventilation (80m³/h) has to be provided. The projector should be located between 150cm and 230cm above ground.


1 thought on “Setup Considerations

  1. Hey Felix,
    we want your work!!!! I´m a Student of the HTW-Berlin and at the moment we are organizing the DPWK ( I saw your work at the HBC-Club last thursday and it was like a shock. We would like to present your work at the DPWK-Show on 06.06.12 – what means next week… in the TIPI (am Kanzleramt). Pleasepleaseplease contact me as fast as possible. I´ve sended you a mail and a message on facebook.

    Regards! Grit

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