This is a remake of the first piece I showed publically, at the Hans und Gloria Festival 2010. Again based on particles, it does not use any particle-particle interactions, but instead relies on movements in an external force field, resulting in fragile filaments and quickly moving threads forming knots and spirals.

spiralstaub 4I particularly like its pencil-drawing like style and the organic textures created by the overlapping traces.

While it is pretty easy generate some cool looking spirals with particle traces in a Perlin-Noise field, it turns out to be much harder to give them a satisfying interactive dimension. When the output looks most interesting without touching it, interaction does not add an additional reward, and making reactions to fast movements beautiful while maintaining the “trajectory-memory” property of the traces is hard as well. When tuning the parameters, I decided to focus on the ability of the piece to connect visitors, with acceptable reactions to fast movements and nice effects being created when more than one person works together.


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